KFNL March 2014 Newsletter

Seed swapping with Food Not Lawns Cleveland

January and February have provided fun and education for members of KFNL.  We started out with an “Informational Meeting” at the Kent Free Library where a dozen or so people showed up to see what we were all about.  Discussions ranged from bees to mushrooms to yard gardening.  In February, we had 4 events – a social dinner at Mike’s Place (with a lot more interesting discussion), a seed swap with Food Not Lawns Cleveland, a GMO film, and a Kent Community TimeBank informational meeting.

This month we have quite a few meetups scheduled.  Scheduled at this time is backyard bee keeping on March 15, a seed starting “party” with FNLC and a KFNL social gathering on March 22, and a TimeBank Informational meeting on March 9.  I’m also looking into a FREE apple pruning seminar the last Saturday of March and will let you know if it firms up.

We are planning a plant swap in May.  Don’t have a place or time yet but it will be during the day on a weekend in Kent.

I’ve been very happy with the participation we’ve had so far, and will continue to have interesting and fun meetups for the group.

Don Abbott – Kent Food Not Lawns


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